Simon Henry, writer

Simon Henry

I’ve been writing for a living for over 20 years.

I write infrequent posts for a blog called Laugh, smile, giggle, wet yourself.

I work as a copywriter and digital producer for EE.

I used to manage Orange‘s mobile website homepage.

I used to write for – our quirky stories were world famous in the early 2000s, and our coverage of 9/11 and its aftermath was ground-breaking.

I’ve written two books – A Tourist’s Guide to the British and The Patient English


I used to write book reviews for The Spectator and The Big Issue

I’ve written gags for greetings cards, speeches for a Labour MP, press releases for a film festival … Lots.

I have three degrees. Two in History from UCL and an MPhil in Politics from Oxford University. (I studied at Brasenose College with a man called Vernon Bogdanor who also taught politics to David Cameron. Where did it go wrong, Dave?)

give blood – go on you know it makes sense.

I practise Mindfulness Meditation – it helps to keep me sane.

I live in Yorkshire and enjoy walking the Three Peaks – both help to keep me sane.

I’m an atheist, having been excommunicated from the Catholic Church

Since I stopped drinking and smoking I’ve always had a jingle in my pocket.

Follow me @simlington on Twitter or find me on LinkedIn or Google+


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