9 reasons why being at work is better than being on holiday

by Simon Henry @simlington

I don’t drink any more, so I’ve been thinking on my holidays instead – less fun and more injurious to health.

Here’s the result. I’d be better off drunk.

Why being at work is better than being on holiday

1. Sitting on your fat arse and staring blankly at a screen is considered acceptable behaviour.

2. No-one confuses you by pretending they’re actually pleased to see you.

3. Colleagues generally don’t cry when you refuse them an ice cream.

4. There’s a machine that makes you a cup of tea without complaining.

5. There’s no ‘entertainment’.

6. Showing more than 10% of your body surface is frowned upon.

7. You don’t have to pretend you’re having fun.

8. You don’t have to feel guilty about not reading, swimming or jogging.

9. The kids can’t use your laptop – meaning you can research and book your next holiday.

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