6 ways your phone can help you avoid a Valentine’s Day disaster


by Simon Henry @simlington

Sick of being told how to save your failing relationship?

Tired of being told you have to spend loads of cash to make your lover sleep with you? Same here.

Here’s how you can make your Valentine’s Day ‘the best ever’ – with the help of your phone!

1. If you’re going to watch your Facebook Lookback video together make sure it doesn’t feature too many photos of you with your ex.

2. Turn your phone off for an hour and concentrate 100% on your lover. (Note there is a danger you’ll realise he or she is actually really irritating.)

3. Don’t use a Track your Cheating Partner app. If things are so bad, you should really just finish it.


4. If you’re going to propose, it’s probably best not to do it by text, email or Facebook Messenger. Some things are still done better face-to-face. (Though a Vine might be a good compromise.)

5. Remember you can buy last minute “Oh Shit” presents – especially hotels, meals, spa days and chocolates – on your phone.

6. Finally, don’t follow any advice from the Reader’s Digest. Here’s one of their tips:
“Use a toothpick to write a special note on a banana peel. After a few hours, the bruised skin will reveal your hidden message.”

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Copyright Simon Henry @simlington 2014


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